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Virtual Screen Video Glasses

84 Inch Virtual Screen Video Glasses for iPod, iPhone and iPad are a great additional accessory to enhance your Apple branded product experience.

For a true cinematic experience of your digital media, these portable video glasses with an impressive 84 inch display is hard to beat as it provides a large cinema feel due to the 84 inch simulated display that is seen on the portable screen.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can keep these media glasses on for hours without an issue. The FLCOS Micron displays offer clarity, brightness and color fidelity as well as being known in the market as being pint-sized but powerful.

Connect these glasses directly into your iPad, iPhone or iPad via the 30-Pin connection cable that accompanies these glasses as part of the package. These specially designed multimedia glasses receive their power from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. These video glasses are perfect for watching your downloaded videos and iTune videos via an 84 inch cinema display that has an effect that you are sitting 2 meters away.

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