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USB GPS Receiver for Laptops

This USB GPS Receiver Dongle plugs into your computer’s USB port and starts receiving GPS signals. After installing the receiver and the necessary software, you can find your location right on your laptop and start planning route to your destination. The GPS receiver takes its power from the PC it is attached to, so there are no extra wires or cables to tie you down. $23.98

To ensure up-to-the-second accuracy, the receiver offers 65 channel for acquisition. Data output by this GPS receiver include: (1) latitude/longitude/altitude; (2) velocity; (3) date/time; and (4) satellite and receiver status. With simple installation, you can start using your laptop as a navigator, saving you money and time.

GPS receiver USB dongle for laptop PCs
Low power consumption
Quick reacquisition of satellites
65 Channel Fast Acquisition
Accurate within up 1 to 5 meters


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