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Ultrasonic Body Massager “Bodysonic”

Ultrasonic Body Massager with slimming and skin cleansing features. Rejuvenate your skin and slim your body with this massager.

Using Ultrasonic technology, the “Bodysonic” massager cleanses, massages and nurtures your skin to effectively minimize age spots and skin imperfections. By optimizing the water flow to your skin cells, it will also help to reduce wrinkles and streamline your face. In addition, the “Bodysonic” can be used to relax tensed muscles and to reduce inflammations by applying constant movement with the treatment head on the sore area.

Ultra portable, the “Bodysonic” handheld massager can easily be taken anywhere. Four buttons on the “Bodysonic’s” handle let you cycle through 8 intensity levels and 2 ultrasonic modes for a truly customized massaging experience. Set the built in timer and massage those imperfections away!

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