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Touchscreen Flip and Swivel QWERTY Phone

This phone is dual everything, two screens, two SIM slots, a two way camera, two ways to flip, too good to miss out on. As one of the best flip phones around the Duality features a cool outer casing LED display which lets you check the time and date, profile, signal and battery of the phone in the blink of an eye. With a flick of a finger flip the phone into a vertical position or horizontal position. The slick black exterior, large 3 Inch screen and solid feel of the phone highlights how professional and cool it is. Whatever suits your style, this sexy phone can provide it.

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The core advantage of a QWERTY keyboard is to make life easier for you to compose and send SMS, search queries and emails. Even if some users are satisfied with the virtual keyboard of most phones, we recommended that a real Duality keyboard is much more comfortable, particularly for business users. The QWERTY keyboard on this Duality phone is easier to use and gives confidence and more tactile feedback, each key is multi-functional and curvaceous with a pearly feel to it.


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