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The Learn To Play Violin

This hand-carved solid wood violin and instructional CD-ROM help aspiring virtuosos learn finger placement for proper play in real time. With the use of your computer’s microphone, the software “listens” while you play and shows you correct finger placement using its animated fingerboard. The CD-ROM includes 160 lessons that teach the fundamentals of tuning, bow preparation, correct arm positioning, and how to play many songs.

Price $179.95

The violin is an authentic, full-size instrument with a spruce top and a maple neck, back, and ribs that produce rich, full sound. The maple bridge, solid ebony fingerboard and fittings, built-in fine tuners, and a precisely balanced Brazilwood bow with real, unbleached horsehair provide the feel of a professional violin while remaining manageable for novices.

Hammacher Schlemmer

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