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The Gumball Pinball Machine

This is the gumball machine that requires the deft skill of a pinball maven to extract up to three 1″ diameter chewy confections. Available only at Hammacher Schlemmer, it has a baseball-themed playing field that includes four “Win” holes and three “Lose” holes.

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Relying purely on precise mechanical movement without electricity, a turn of the coin slot crank (no coins required) drops three gumballs into play. A player uses two spring-loaded flippers to knock each gumball into one of the winning holes; gumballs that bypass the flippers are returned to play using the game’s plunger. Successful scores deposit winnings via the flip-up candy door while losing gumballs are held in a container for later re-filling of the hopper. This unit comes with 850 1″ multi-colored gumballs (it holds up to 1,700) that are held in its “backglass” as an enticing display to encourage continued play.


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