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The Aesthetician’s Facial Massager

This is the cordless massager used by professional aestheticians to gently relax tight facial muscles and improve skin tone. The unit’s wand tip vibrates at 2400 cycles per minute, massaging with delicate, fingertip-like pressure to release tension around the forehead, eyes, and mouth that can cause wrinkles. As the massager works, it increases circulation, which helps reduce puffiness, soften the skin, and revitalize one’s complexion. Price $149.95

The unit’s soft rubber massage tip interchanges with two bi-directional stroking aesthetic tips that stimulate lymphatic vessels to help flush toxins naturally, especially along the chin and jawline. No louder than an electric toothbrush, the massager’s quiet motor is powered by an included C battery that provides about 36 hours of operation.

Hammacher Schlemmer

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