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Taser Launch Set

Reach new altitudes with the 1491 Taser Launch Set from Estes. This model rocket launch set will fly up to 1,100 feet in the air with the included complete launch system. After liftoff, this rocket will accelerate to its peak, deploy a recovery system complete with a parachute, and make a safe landing. Insert recovery wadding and a new engine, and you’ll be good to fly again and again!

bestdeal: List Price: $21.99 Price: $19.38 You Save: $2.61 (12%)

The Taser Launch Set includes everything your launch pad needs; all you need to add is an engine and a few accessories to build a strong rocket. Each component is made either with metal or sturdy plastic, and assembly is straightforward with the included step-by-step instructions. Some adult assembly may be necessary, which makes this a good collaborative exercise!


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