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SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera

1/3 Inch SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera is a great way to see what is happening below the waves as you stay dry on the land and evaluate what is going on below as it has a 360 Degree View, Remote Control, 7 Inch LCD Monitor and 14 White Lights.

An ideal way to scout the river, lake or seas from dry land is with this underwater fishing camera. It comes complete in a comfortable to carry suitcase that when opened up has a built-in 7 inch LCD monitor that is connected to the camera via a 20 meter long cable.

Perfect for checking if there are any fish in the area or for exploring what lays beneath the waves, this underwater camera system is designed to do just that because the cable is waterproof and anti-corrosive.

SONY CCD Underwater Fishing Camera
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