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Ruggedized 3.5 Inch Android Phone lieutenant

Ruggedized 3.5 Inch Android Phone is oozes machismo and will be a phone to withstand the elements as it has a Dual Core CPU plus it is Waterproof, Shockproof and Dust Proof.

Stand to attention as this camouflage phone is known as the “Lieutenant” and is ready to join you for action. Being ruggerized means that this phone is built to withstand a few knocks and scratches, also it probably suits people that enjoy the more extreme side of life or for individuals that work in harsh elements. The brains of this rugged phone is Android, which is the most commonly used and extremely user friendly operating system today, plus it is capable of doing and supporting advance features.

Providing the power to the “Lieutenant” rugged phone is a dual core processor that ensures all applications that have been download from the Google Play store and other contents on the phone will react efficiently and responsively. With a 3.5 inch display, this phone is small but tough and it has an ingress protection rating of 67. Withstand getting wet, able to prevent dust from entering and can easily withstand a few drops, the “Lieutenant” will certainly handle whatever is thrown at it.

Ruggedized 3.5 Inch Android Phone Lieutenant
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