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Rugged Android Phone “Mann A18”

Rugged 4 inch screen Android Phone that features a 1.15GHz Dual Core Snapdragon CPU and also a IP68 Waterproof rating.

A 4 inch screen, with a raging 1.15GHz CPU is wrapped in a protective casing that is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Chinavasion knows that this phone is ready for the job and it names says it all, this is the “Mann A18”. With this phone you can take it out on a boat, use it at a quarry site, bang it against the wall and this phone will welcome it.

Also dissimilar to other standard rugged phone, its ruggedness won’t be a burden when you are on the go. Bringing this “MANN A18” to life is the well known and highly respectable Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core CPU; the end result is quick and very responsive phone that is capable of multi-tasking without feeling any of the strain.

Rugged Android Phone Mann A18
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