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Rugged Android Phone “Enyo-N1”

Rugged Android Phone not only features a 3.5 Inch Screen but it is also Shockproof, Dust Proof as well as Water Resistant is a true accomplice to accompany you.

Whether you’re tackling the depths of the Amazon jungle, or challenging yourself to reach the peaks of Everest, you will always need reliable equipment that won’t let you down so Chinavasion would like to introduce to you the “Enyo-N1”. This rugged phone has a 3.5 inch display screen and is also incased in a sealed rubber exterior for protection against the elements making it suitable for people that work in tough or harsh environments.

As the phone is referred to as rugged, it generally means a tough phone that is more durable that non-rugged phones and the “Enyo-N1” is of no exception. With a dust proof and a IP53 water resistant rating, the “Enyo-N1 can survive getting a little wet from splashes plus it is 100% protected from dust and dirt from entering the phone. Also this ruggerized phone can afford to take some knocks as it is shockproof so whether the user is on a building site or out in a country park where the risk of a bump or a knock is high, they can be assured that this phone will not let them down.

Rugged Android Phone Enyo-N1
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