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Rugged 4 Inch Android Phone “Mastodon II”

Rugged 4 Inch Android Phone with 1GHz CPU, IP 53 Water Resistant, Dustproof and Shockproof housing. Strong, Smart and Reliable.

The “Mastodon II” is not only built stronger than most other phones is also comes at an all-time low wholesale price. As the perfect companion when out hiking, on the building site or any other rough terrain, this rugged phone can take a serious beating and then some. Running on Android, the “Mastodon II” is both the muscle and the brains of the phone world. Customize this phone to the fullest by downloading apps from the Google Play store and installing them directly on the internal memory. Naturally you will have built-in Wi-Fi, a front and back facing camera and Bluetooth to your disposal!

Rugged 4 Inch Android Phone Mastodon II
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