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QI Inductive Charging Wireless Dock

QI Charging Wireless Dock with a Non-Slip pad will enable your QI compatible devices to charge without the risk of slipping off.

A cool way to charge your QI compatible products is with this QI charger as it eliminates the use of using a cable being inserted into your phone. With this wireless charging dock you will not need to find your phone’s charging cable as you can simply put your phone next to the charger for wireless power.

QI is a standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive electrical power transfer and comprises of a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable device.

To start the QI charging process, the mobile device is placed on top of the power transmission pad within a range of 4 to 10mm, which charges it via electromagnetic induction. This wireless dock has a non-slip pad so when you rest your phone to be charged on this dock it will not slide off and plus the dock itself will not slide about.

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