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Portable Wireless Router with Wireless Hard Drive

Portable wireless router with built in 5200mAh battery pack, wireless hard drive memory access, a 3G router, and the ability to changed wired internet into a WiFi AP.

Portable Wireless Router with Wireless Hard Drive
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Designed for people on-the-go, this travel friendly Wireless Router lets you create a secure wireless network whenever a wired Broadband connection is available. Plug your regular RJ45 internet cable in, and it will start transmitting wireless internet signal to all your WiFi enabled devices such as your phone, your PC, your Tablet and more. Perfect for use in the library, in your hotel room or any other place where you need instant wireless internet. But it doesn’t stop here. Using either the built in Micro SD card slot or by plugging in a portable hard drive / USB memory stick into the USB port, the stored data will be wirelessly accessible right over the wifi signal. To get you started, a free 8GB microSD card will even be included in each package!


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