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Portable Grill

Grill, fry, bake, roast, boil and even smoke your grub with these energy efficient, collapsible grills. BBQ master Andy cannot get enough of this small jewel of a barbecue: he’s been heating up the coals on this mini grill several times a week since we got it. The Seattle-based boutique grill maker has dedicated itself to creating charcoal grills that consume 75% less fuel to cook a meal than similar-sized grills.

This is achieved by the considered placement of the charcoal briquettes, which individually sit in their own slots. Use only nine briquettes to cook a dinner for four. The reflective pyramid shape focuses heat up toward the cooking surface for optimal performance. No briquettes? Use any biomass fuel—twigs, wood chunks, lump charcoal, alcohol. It’s a truly clever design.


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