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OM Meditation Pod

Alberto Frias, artist and designer of the Transport Perceptual Pod (2002) trigerred the revolution into the wellness home furniture genre, with his unique meditation pod, that was designed to provide an ultimate relaxing environment through the combination of light, sound and space.

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The Mexican designer has mastered the art of designing furniture to fit the modern lifestyle. Most of his projects are based on the concept of spirituality and hence all the furniture he makes has a power of inner healing. While his Transport pod was outfitted with high-tech features, including speakers and an array of light-emitting diodes synchronized to music for ultimate relaxation, the designer is back yet again to tickle your senses to rejuvenate your senses with his new OM Meditation Pod.


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  1. Reply summersue September 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    i am intersted in finding out more about this pod and wish to talk to the owners if possible. please make contact with me via email address above or send me info if you know where i can buy one of these thanks

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