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Octa-Core 6.5 Inch Android 4.2 Phone “Ares”

Octa-Core 6.5 Inch Android 4.2 Phone with 1.7GHz CPU, 13MP Rear Camera, 720p Screen Resolution and more. An ultra fast phone awaits you.

After the white version of this true Octa-core smart phone, the black “Ares” is now available at Chinavasion. This 6.5 inch powerhouse of a phone has been designed to give you the best possible experience. Reaching up to 1.7GHz, the true Octa-Core CPU you find inside the “Ares” will deliver speeds no other Android phone on the market can reach. Using all 8 of its cores simultaneously, the “Ares” is one of the very first true Octa-Core phones which results in a drastical increase of performance while creating greater power efficiency and enabling you to multitask like never before.

Experience faster web browsing, a smoother user interface, superior gaming and efficient video playback, all with a lower power usage and a longer battery life. On the 6.5 Inch 720p HD screen, pictures will look great and movies will appear as they should be viewed. On top of that, thanks to the 13MP rear camera, you will be able to shoot splendid shots both during the day and at night which you can then upload to your social media accounts over 3G. Ultra thin, the “Ares” only measures 9.7mm thick and rocks a super slim body that fits perfectly in the back pocket of your jeans. With many other features including Wi-Fi, Miracast, 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded using a MicroSD card, the “Ares” Android Octa-core phone is the perfect definition of next generation phones.

Octa-Core 6.5 Inch Android 4.2 Phone Ares
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