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Multi-Color LED Candles with Charging Dock “Cozy Color”

Multi-Color LED Candles with Charging Dock, 6x LED Candles, 6x Candle Holders and a Remote Control.

Set the mood thanks to this multi-color flameless candle set with remote control and charging dock. Enjoy the generous warm glow of real candles without the melting wax, flame hazard and harmful fumes and with the added benefit of color selection. The “Cozy Color” tea light candle set is a new way of decorating your room and flickers in a natural way, mimicking real candles. 6 LED Lights are included in this set along with 6 frosted LED candle holders and a charging dock for all candles.

The “Cozy Color” can be used safely around children, pets and flammable items such as your curtains and rugs as they do not get hot letting you relax in all comfort without having to worry about your safety or making a mess.

About the same size as regular tea light candles, the “Cozy Color” comes with a built in battery which holds enough power for up to 9 hours of continuous use and can be controlled using the included remote. Switch between Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange or set the candles to automatically change color over time. To charge the tea lights,, simply place them on the charging dock and after 4-6 hours all candles will be charged.

Multi-Color LED Candles with Charging Dock Cozy Color
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