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Mini Wireless Portable Router for Tablets, Phones, PC

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and this Mini Wireless Router is connected to your Ethernet cable and online! No software installation is needed as this is a Simple Plug and Play (AP) access point for your Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop. This Wi-fi Router is paramount for business travelers, holiday makers and hotels guests or anyone who enjoys the convenience of Wi-fi, wherever they are in the world.


But this little gadget isn’t just a simple Router, it’s also a Wireless USB adapter (Wi-Fi Dongle) for your desktop computer or laptop. This miniature design is perfect for use with portable laptops and is ideal for busy commuters. Compatible with 802.11b/g standards, it guarantees you the fastest way to access internet, as you can be sure it’ll work with your wireless router or any public Wi-Fi hotspot.


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