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Martian Soldier 6-Inch Action Figure

Based off of the iconic Mars Attacks! trading cards that forever changed the face of science fiction and pop culture comes the Mars Attacks! Martian Soldier 6-Inch Action Figure! Fifty years ago, Topps unleashed Mars Attacks! on an unsuspecting card buying public. Price: $15.99

The lurid cards, which depicted an invasion of Earth by Martians in the style of the B-movies of the time, proved popular and have spawned merchandising, comic books, and a movie. The other-worldly creation features the Martian’s signature exposed oversized brain and bulbous eyes, along with the iconic green spacesuit. The action figure comes with a pistol, rifle and ray stick. The action figure features 13 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs at waist, knees and boots.

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