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Magnasonic AM/FM Projection Clock Radio

This AM/FM clock radio from Magnasonic will save you time and spare you from the hassle of traditional alarm clocks. This advanced alarm clock automatically sets the time and date and saves all your alarm settings when the power goes out.

With the advanced motion activated snooze control, you’ll no longer have to search for the snooze button again. Simply wave your hand near the alarm clock and the motion sensors will automatically activate snooze! The projector on this alarm clock allows you to display the time on your ceiling or wall, so the time will always be in full view when you need it. Plus, with dual alarms, temperature display, and a white LCD display, this alarm clock offers convenience like none other.


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1 Comment
  1. Reply jen July 17, 2011 at 3:40 am

    i love that when i wave my hand over it i can see what the alarm is set for…..but id there any way to turn off the beeping that goes along with that? i have four cats and it makes for a very long night when they all constantly walk over it and i hear the beeps all night.

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