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Ice Jacket

The Ice Jacket encases your favorite bottle of spirits in a dramatic coat of ice, wowing guests as you pour out drinks chilled to glacial perfection. Its incredibly impressive, yet easy to use. And it works with standard-size (700-750 ml) liquor bottles. Perfectly cold drinks, made perfectly simple. Place a bottle onto the base-grip of your Ice Jacket, slide on the polypropylene sleeve and clip shut for a watertight seal. Price: $34.99

Then fill with water and place in your freezer for 7-8 hours. Its that easy! The attached base-grip allows effortless 1-handed pouring, while the thick coating of ice keeps contents cold for hours. Removable bottom portion even acts as a coaster, catching drips as the ice melts. The Ice Jacket is great for a round with friends, or ideal as an unforgettable party centerpiece.


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