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Dual LED Bicycle Headlight + Headlamp

Dual Cree LED Bicycle Headlight and Headlamp features 1600 Lumens, an IP65 Waterproof rating and a Rechargeable Battery is bright way to see things.

With two LEDs lights, you can see your way in the dark as this LED headlight produces 1600 lumens, ensuring you don’t miss a thing in the dark. The 1600 lumens LEDs are housed in an aluminum casing and reflector cup, so you can enjoy long distance irradiation and high efficient luminance. Attach it to your helmet with the accompanying strap and use it while riding a bike or working on a building site.

Another cool feature is the fact this light has an IP65 waterproof rating. The rating indicates that that this LED is not just completely protected against infiltration of dust but is also protected from water that is projected from a nozzle. With type of rating you can ensure that if the weather turns bad that your light will always stay good.

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