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DC AC Clamp Meter Multimeter

DC/AC Clamp Meter Multimeter with full spectrum AC and DC battery testing as well as continuity and diode testing, true RMS for AC, and more is the perfect and easy method for your electrical DIY work.

This is a easy to use clamp meter as used by electricians as a way to measure very high currents (hundreds of amperes). The current clamp uses its two opening jaws to clamp around an electrical conductor allowing the properties of the electric current in the conductor to be measured without physical contact with it or needing to disconnect it for insertion through the probe.

Using this DC AC clamp meter you can easily measure DCV/DCA + ACV/ACA current info, check continuity and diodes, have true RMS results for AC current and voltage, as well as have a bevy of useful one touch functions like an auto zero key, a MIN/MAX counting, and holding data. The backlight LCD will display all your functions, and if left on too long the current probe even has a power off function which will save you battery life.

DC AC Clamp Meter Multimeter
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