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Car Recording Black Box Camera “Road View”

Car DVR and Black Box set including a dual fornt camera with a spectacular 260 Degree Front Viewing Angle and a Rear Camera with a convenient 130 Degree Rear Viewing Angle Camera is a good way to keep an extra set of eyes of the road.

With a dual lens at the front and a separate rear view camera for the back, you will have plenty of view to record any road activates. The “Road View” Camera will capture all the action as it happens due to having a 260 degree viewing angle, which is wide enough to see more than own eyesight.

A separate rear view camera can be fitted to the rear of the vehicle, and that provides a 130 degree viewing angle, which is more than adequate. Both the front and rear camera feeds go directly to the 2.7 inch black box DVR which will display what is going on in front or in the rear of your car as you reverse with aplomb.

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