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Car Headrest DVD Player

Car headrest DVD player with 7 inch built in monitor, FM transmitter and touchscreen control is an amazing fully functioning media center and stylish faux leather headrest for your vehicle.

This built-in car headrest DVD player features a large 7 inch screen which allows backseat passengers to fully enjoy all the entertainment this media center offers, in widescreen and in crystal clear quality. Not only does this car headrest DVD player come with a great 7 inch screen but it is an all in one headrest and DVD media system that conveniently zips up when you are finished, keeping your car neat and tidy! This car multimedia DVD player also features a touchscreen monitor, which makes using this device a simple pleasure and allows any backseat passenger able to glide through the operating system with ease.

The FM transmitter function in this car headrest DVD player will let you sync the headrest monitor with your car speakers directly. Therefore you and your passengers can watch your own movies and music via your cars own speaker system. Just insert a DVD, USB flash drive, SD card or MMC card into the headrest DVD player, then choose an FM radio channel, tune in on the same frequency on your FM radio and away you go!

This device is so simple to install. With a universal design, this car headrest DVD player should fit into most vehicles simply and without any trouble. Simply remove your old headrests, fit these and away you go! And with an adjustable pole accessory, you can adjust the height of the headrest to fit nicely into your vehicle. Then with the internal tilt mechanism, you will be able to find the right angle for your backseat passengers, whether they are tall or small.

Car Headrest DVD Player
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