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Car GPS Tracker

Here is a list of what it can do for you and your vehicle:

Real-Time Tracking: With a GPRS enabled SIM card, you can monitor real-time movement of your vehicle on a map using the included tracking software.
Dual-SIM Quadband GSM: you can use two SIM cards on this car tracker so that in case one is not working, you can switch to the other. It’s compatible with QuadBand GSM networks meaning you can use it anywhere in the world.
Geo-fencing control – When the vehicle moves in/out the preset scope, it will send an SMS alarm to the authorized phone numbers.
Movement and Speed Alert: The tracker can warm you with SMS message when the vehicle starts to move from a stationary status, or when the vehicle is moving faster than a preset speed.
Stop the Engine: You can send an SMS message to the tracker to cut off the gas and battery power, so the engine will remain in an immobilized state until your remove the alarm status.

The unit is powered by automotive battery, and should be installed inside a vehicle.
It runs on the latest GPS SiRF III chip-set, a sophisticated GPS microchip embedded into the heart of the tracker which continually reads its own location from low orbiting global satellites and then utilizes the GSM/GPRS infrastructure operated by your cellular network provider to transmit its current location to you. All you need to do is insert a working SIM card, it even has Quad-band Connectivity so it works anywhere in the world.


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