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Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit – GPS, Radar detector, DVR, Wireless Camera

Complete all-in-one Bluetooth Rearview Mirror, featuring hands-free cell phone calling, built-in GPS navigation, multimedia DVR capabilities, a wireless parking camera and even a speed radar detector! Also featuring a 4.3 inch touch screen, this high-tech rearview monitor is one of the safest and smartest car gadgets available.

True All-in-one Car Kit: No need for a separate GPS, DVR and a reversing camera, our all-in-one rearview mirror kit takes care of everything. This rearview mirror kit comes with accurate and reliable GPS navigation with an MStar MSB2521 500 MHz processor for fast and up-to-date directions available at your fingertips; The 480 Line wireless reversing camera lets you see everything directly behind your vehicle. Parking your car is much more safe and convenient.


Designed with your safety in mind, this Rearview Mirror makes easier for you. With the built-in radar detector, it lest you outsmart the police who are trying to fine you by monitoring your speed. Reduce your speed on time to avoid being ticketed for speeding. This GPS Navigator with a built-in full frequency speed radar detector will send out warning in real voice in time, and can potentially save you a lot of money on fines.


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