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Bluetooth Watch For Phones

Fashionably designed Bluetooth Watch for mobile phones that comes with interchangeable straps and the ability to answer and reject calls, display caller numbers, and give you message alerts for ease and convenient communication.

Using Bluetooth version 2.1 this great accessory makes answering your mobile phone that little bit easier. This Bluetooth watch can answer calls as well as reject them; the user ID will be displayed on the watch therefore you can judge whether or not to answer that incoming call.

Simply use the Bluetooth capability to pair up to your mobile phone and when out and about you won’t have to always search in your pocket or bag for your phone, just look at your wrist or whether you have strapped this device to check who is calling or if you have received a message.

The style of the watch is modern with a slim, long and dark design as well as having a removable strap that can be swapped and replaced with a longer rubber strap that has been designed to go around a bigger object such as your neck.

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