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ASUS Transformer

Do you like tablets but you are in love with normal keyboards? The solution name is ASUS Transformer. With a slim lightweight design and 10.1” capacitive touch-screen, the versatile ASUS Transformer is the perfect pad computer for people who want to enjoy multimedia on the move, but still wish to have easy access to the web, email and other productivity applications.

A custom user interface provides easy access to the many features of the Android 3.0 operating system, while the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset provides full support for Adobe Flash, smooth HD video conferencing and playback, a lightning fast web experience and incredible mobile gaming performance.

An optional docking station turns the Transformer into a full-fledged notebook with a QWERTY keyboard for desktop use, while extending battery life up to 16 hours. As with the Slider, front (1.2MP) and rear (5MP) digital cameras make for easy video chat and digital photography, while a built-in mini-HDMI port makes for easy connections to external displays showing off full 1080p HD video playback.


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