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Assassin Dusk – Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + MP4

This watch phone comes with a built-in camera, Bluetooth ear piece, 2GB micro SD card, video camera, FM radio and worldwide quadband GSM connectivity for on-the-go phone calls.This watch phone has a colorful 1.3 color touchscreen that is surprisingly simple to navigate through and can be easily accessed even without the use of a stylus. It responds to your command quickly and without fault, truly a high quality screen that performs just as well as a cellphone touchscreen.$109.96

The Assassin Dusk features a portable MP4 media player as well, letting you effortlessly play your favorite music, watch movies or view pictures – all with the simple tap of the touchscreen! Just plug this watch phone into your computer via USB cable and load your media files onto the included micro SD card and you’re set. The audio can then be played through the included Bluetooth earpiece set, wired earphones, or directly through the built in speaker.


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