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Android Tablet “Nine Dragon”

With WiFi, a 7 inch touch screen, front facing camera, 4GB internal memory, AND the ability to make phone calls, the Nine Dragon Tabulus has it all.

The Nine Dragon tablet phone brings a lot of convenience and originality by merging a phone with a tablet. No need to carry around both a Smartphone and a tablet because with the ‘’Nine Dragon’’ you can do everything on one device: make and receive calls, write and read SMS messages, browse the internet using WiFi, watch online videos, read ebooks, send emails, play your favorite games, and much more.

Powered by the ingenious Android 2.2 operating system, the Nine Dragon Tablet Phone provides true multi-tasking, widgets, and many more features. It also comes packed with convenient applications such as email, YouTube, Skype, and gives one-touch access to the official Google Play Marketplace, which offers a huge selection of third-party applications for any purpose – work, personal, or entertainment.

Android Tablet "Nine Dragon"
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