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Android 4.2 Quad Core CPU TV Dongle “Bee-Box”

Android 4.2 Quad Core CPU TV Dongle has a Keyboard/Game Pad Combo as part of the package for full diversity uses as well as having Bluetooth version 4.0 connectivity to really renovate the way your entertain yourself.

Create the new way of entertaining yourself with this Android TV dongle by simply inserting it into the HDMI slot for full interactive fun. Also included in this package is a keyboard that has alternative uses as a mouse and a gamepad making it such a diverse tool that you can control the way you play and navigate.

This TV dongle is known as the “Bee-Box” as it is small, lightweight but is always busy when it is being used and will not let you down as it will overtime to provide you the best that Android has to offer.

Android 4.2 Quad Core CPU TV
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Overall the “Bee-Box” is made for true transforming your moments on the sofa into real amusement. The gamepad/keyboard can be used in many ways such as for easy typing when writing an e-mail, or for playing emulated games as well as using it like a mouse pad for simple navigation.

Another clever feature that is sure to come in use is that the “Bee Box” mini PC has Bluetooth version 4.0, which allows users to pair up other Bluetooth compatible devices for transferring data and also for other sync actions.


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