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3G Android 4.0 Phone “AquaPhone”

The “AquaPhone” is a Waterproof and Dustproof Smartphone made out of high quality materials and with a modern design.

Imagine, you’re on your bike, phone in your pocket and it suddenly starts raining. Or maybe you are in the restroom and the phone drops into the toilet or sink. The chances are big that your smartphone / iPhone gets damaged by the water. Well, here is the perfect solution for you. The AquaPhone is Water- and Dustproof! Take the outside in the rain other areas with potential water hazards without any problems.

The large 4.1inch 800×480 screen in combination with the fast 1Ghz processor will let you enjoy the latest games from the Play Store as well as smooth HD video playback. And never get lost again when you have the AquaPhone on you. Using the GPS and AGPS sensors from the phone, navigation software will easily guide you to your destination.

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