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3.5 TFT Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell

3.5 TFT Wireless Video Intercom Doorbell kit comes with a monitor and a separate camera to help you feel more secured when at home.

Once installed, this wireless video intercom will allow you the ability to see who is at your front door. T

he portable monitor lets you see who is in front of the doorbell camera, and you can keep a watchful eye and with a 300 meter max transmitting range in ideal conditions between the camera and the monitor with a 2.4GHz wireless signal you can place the monitor where is most convenient for you.

The doorbell monitor is made of aluminum alloy and ABS Plastic making it fairly sturdy to operate outside and under cover on your porch. With a 320×240 resolution, the 3.5 inch monitor will display clearly enough for you to identify the visiting guest therefore you if it some undesirables wanting to tarmac your drive way you know not to answer the door.

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