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3.5 Inch Rugged Android Smartphone “Viridion”

3.5 Inch Rugged Android Smartphone with IP53 shockproof, dust proof and water resistant rating.

Not a regular run of the mill smartphone, the “Viridion” is a water resistant, shock resistant and dust resistant rugged phone which has been designed to survive in the toughest environments. Protected by a tough layer of rubber, the “Viridion” can survive a fall, shocks and even exposure to water and mud, making it the perfect phone for those who often find themselves in challenging situations. Running on Android, the “Viridion” rugged phone is fully customizable when it comes to software and allows you to install apps directly on the phone.

Coming with 2 SIM card slots, the “Viridion” lets you manage two separate numbers simultaneously and will spare you the hassle of carrying around 2 phones. To save your multimedia, 4GB of internal memory is available which can be expanded up to an additional 32GB via the built-in micro SD card slot. Ideal for builders, D.I.Yers, security, bouncers, farmer or anybody else that is at risk or exposed to the harsh environment, the “Viridion” is sure to go the extra mile.

Rugged Android Smartphone Viridion
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