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2-In-1 LED Bulb and Flashlight Combination “Apollo”

2-In-1 LED Bulb and Torch Combination that works as your standard light bulb in your house, but instantly can transform info a flashlight whenever you need it.

Named after the God of Light, Apollo, this bulb that can double up as an emergency torch is a unique and quality made gadget with a lot of practical thinking put into its design.

This cleverly designed bulb that when in a case of a power cut or a flashlight is required can easily doubles up and assist as a flashlight. the “Apollo” bulb’s consumption power is between 3 and 4 watts which is very low therefore helping to save power.

The “Apollo” bulb’s signature feature is the ability to turn into a flashlight in case of a power cut. Simply extend the rear and twist to form a safe and secure handle to explore with knowing you have ample amount of battery life and also between 200 to 220 lumens lighting the way.

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