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1080p HD Sports Camera and Car DVR “Limitless”

1080p HD sports action camera and Car DVR is the perfect multi-purpose tool for both your car and outdoor pursuits with great specs such as GPS photo tagging, a 1.5 inch display, and more.

Ride in style with the “Limitless” Sports Camera and Car DVR combo.

With the addition of the brackets, the “Limitless” can be attached to a car, a bike or even a safety helmet recording the action as it happens. The special fixtures can be fixed to most sport equipment allowing the “Limitless” to record your action packed moments. The “Limitless” mini Car DVR can record 30fps video at full 1080p high definition resolution for clear image playback.

The limitless also comes with a compact 1.5 inch screen on for enhanced practicality by allowing you to watch back the recorded events without having the hassle of connecting it to your computer or TV, and a separate GPS unit with SiRF Star III which can be attached to DVR creating a complete unit and will let you tag your media with location infomation.

1080p HD Sports Camera and Car DVR "Limitless"
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