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10.1 Inch Quad Core Android 4.1 Tablet “Manta”

10.1 Inch Quad Core Android 4.1 Tablet with a brilliant IPS Screen, a resolution of 1280×800 and 2GB RAM makes this an awesome wholesale tablet PC for anyone wanting to engage the large screen tablet PC experience.

The heart of the “Manta” that powers it along is a 1GHz quad core CPU, which each core operates in conjunction with other circuits such as cache, memory management, and input/output ports.

The result of having quad core is that this “Manta” tablet is faster than single and dual core tablets when running applications and performing other functions concurrently. Watch videos in high quality with the 10.1 inch IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) screen that has a 1280×800 resolution, therefore enhancing your video watching experience overall.

Take advantage of the “Manta” tablet’s operating system, which is the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. The 2GB of RAM will power this tablet through anything with a faster response time and will also help reduce any burdens such as lagging.

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