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JammyPack The PerpJammyPackone

The Original & Authentic JammyPack;Speaker components are removable;USB power plug allows three power options: 1. alkaline battery box (included and provides bare minimum 8 hours of play), 2. the JammyPack rechargealbe battery, or 3. any USB power source like your laptop;Two 3-watt speakers driven by an internal 8-watt amp create superior sound quality unmatched by any portable mini-speaker available.Price: $59.80


JammyPack The PerpJammyPackone size fits all Purple/Black

Car Rearview Mirror With Bluetooth

Car Rearview Mirror with Bluetooth connectivity also features a Mini LCD, a MP3 Player as well as FM Radio making this the perfect device to ride shotgun.

This Car Rearview Mirror with Bluetooth is an intelligent and safe method, allowing you to keep your eyes on traffic while making and receiving hands-free calls. Simple to install and effective when in use, this device will be of a great assistance when making them journeys.

The car mirror uses Bluetooth version 3 for a more effective and stable connection, which is ideal when you are suppose to keep your eyes on the road. This car rearview mirror also has TTS (Text to speak) and also it will announce incoming call numbers ensuring you will not be distracted when driving consequently you can focus on the traffic ahead. A 1700mAh battery is built-in this mirror monitor but also there is a power adapter included in the package that connects to the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle.



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White LED Ceiling Downlight

White LED Ceiling Downlight that can have its lighting angle adjusted and also has a power consumption of 7 Watts.

A new item to Chinavasion is this LED lamp that is designed to be installed into the ceiling is also called a downlight because the light shines down from the ceiling. LED downlights are light bulb alternatives for indoor or outdoor lighting. This light fixtures shine LED light from a hole in the ceiling. A huge benefit of this downlight is that the light’s direction can be adjusted; therefore you can install this light in your ceiling but have the light being directed towards the center of the room or towards one of the doors.

LED downlights and LED lighting are chosen, among other reasons, because they are a cost-effective alternative to light bulbs. This light has a longer life span than traditional light bulbs and also uses less energy while producing more light. With a 7 watt power consumption this LED lamp designed to be fitted int oa ceiling with a downlight effect is an ideal and cost-saving measure to bring some brightness to any room.



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Slick Angular Kettle

The new Panasonic kettles challenge convention and tradition. Making a bold statement, their robust shape and simple design introduces a new dimension to the jug kettle.

Making a real stand out design statement in your kitchen, the new range of Panasonic kettles look elegant, without compromising on their functionality. Particular attention has been paid to using the highest quality stainless steel and solid white finishes, giving these products their iconic status.

Ergonomic handles and spouts make for easy pouring and filling. Made to last, these kettles are packed with features which provide durability and optimum performance, such as a washable lime scale filter, Blue LED indicators and Stainless Steel Interiors with encased elements. Family friendly key safety features include Cool Touch Exterior and Auto Shut-off, keeping those little fingers safe and giving peace of mind.




Diamond Ring Speaker Color

Rechargeable MP3 Players in the shape of a diamond ring.-Simply insert the speaker directly into your MP3 player’s earphone jack and share your music with quality sound.Price: $20.00



Universal Monsters Wolfman Bust Bank

Hooooooowl much is in your bank? The Wolfman joins his monstrous brethren in the line of highly detailed, finely painted vinyl banks of Universal Studios’ most famous movie monsters. With a coin slot in his back and an access door in the base, this 8-inch tall licensed portrait of Lon Chaney, Jr. looks like a collectible-quality bust, even as it takes a bite out of your spending!


The 23-in-one Multitool

Includes hammer, light, 6-foot tape measure and level Also includes magnetized screwdriver with 16 screw and socket bits Screwdriver can lock at 90 degrees for extra torque Rugged cast-aluminum body with rubber-touch handle fits in any drawer or glovebox Dimensions: (when compact) 5.25″ (2) x 1.5″ (d) x 2″ (h) Chosen, designed and sized right for most household chores. Price: $29.99


Hanging pictures, putting up shelving, assembling flat packed furniture – these are the types of jobs we face most often in our lives. Some of us use construction tools from the toolbox in the basement. Others hammer with the heel of a shoe because we don’t have room for a toolbox.

Neither is ideal, so a really smart guy named Kevin Royes invented Kelvin.23 one tool to fix hundreds of jobs and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. He managed to pack 23 of the most commonly used tools and features into a compact, rugged, and stylish urban design.


Kelvin.23 – The 23-in-one Multitool

Camera Bag with Solar Panel

Camera Bag with built-in solar panel and a back up 2200mAh battery to protect and charge both your camera as well as your electronic gadgets.

Securely transport your DSLR or camera or other small electonic gadgets with this professional camera bag. Featuring a large main compartment with extra soft padding on the inside, a front pocket and two side pockets this camera bag can easily store midsized cameras or lenses.

A convenient shoulder strap is provided and thanks to a built-in solar panel, you’ll be able to charge all your portable electronic devices such as your phone or other devices with a mini USB port! On top of that an included 2200mAh back up battery will let you store some extra precious juice in case you find yourself miles away from a plug and the sun isn’t shining. Made out of 600D Polyester, this camera bag is extra rugged and ready for any kind of terrain.



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3000 Lumens LED Bicycle Headlight and Headlamp

This 3000 lumens bicycle headlight as well as headlamp combo with x3 CREE T6 LEDs produces a super bright and high performance way to shine light in the darkness.

Avid bikers of the night rejoice as you can shine a light seen for miles off with this 3000 lumen CREE T6 bicycle headlight. Designed for both high visibility, ease of installation and use, and long battery life, 3 10W 3000 lumen CREE LEDs power will illuminate your path as no other bike headlight has done before.

Additionally, with the included headstrap, you will be getting a 2 in 1 combo of bicycle headlamp and head light. Get off your bike, and simply install the CREE LED flashlight into the head strap and you’ve got the perfect answer for cave spelunking, wondering the woods at night, or even getting around your garage at night.



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Hidden Dialysis

The flexible design is positioned on the user to mimic an operating kidney while the automated peristaltic pump system transports the dialysate through the body, eliminating the need for a heavy, cumbersome infusion stand. Discrete and comfortable, it allows patients to move freely with little thought to the device.



The Illuminated Flexible Skateboard

Forty-six red LEDs embedded in the board’s underside infuse the entire deck with a preternatural glow. The deck is made of clear polycarbonate for a smooth ride that is easy for the novice to master while being worthy of expert-level shredding. The material’s flexibility provides a unique pressure response when pushing off or maneuvering, without unwanted “spring back” that would make for a wobbly ride. Instead, the polycarbonate absorbs vibration and softens out sidewalk gaps with ease. With or without the glowing red LEDs turned on, the clear deck allows riders to watch their feet glide over the pavement.


Hammacher Schlemmer

Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Digital Camera

With spectacular image quality and advanced video recording features, the SH-50 iHS is the only thing you’ll need to capture truly amazing stills and videos. Equipped with a 24x wide-angle optical zoom lens (25-600mm equivalent), you’ll get super close to the action even if you can’t move in any closer. And when you consider its low light performance, high-speed responsiveness, iHS technology, and the most sophisticated 5-axis video stabilization on the market in a point-and-shoot camera, your days of settling for cell phone pics or hauling around a dedicated camcorder are over.

List Price: $299.99
Price: $299.00
You Save: $0.99


Shoot in glorious Full 1080p HD Video while controlling your frame rate and aspect ratio thanks to the Advanced Movie mode. Rely on the completely automatic Enhanced Intelligent Auto (iAuto) mode, or venture to full control using Manual mode for images exactly the way you want to capture them.

Get the perfect shot every time thanks to High-Speed Sequential Shooting at 10 frames per second in full resolution. And for even more flexibility, rely on the touch screen to set your focus point, fire off the shutter button and even make color and tone changes right on the LCD screen with Live Guide. It’s everything you’ll need to finally ditch the camera phone and closet the camcorder.


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Weekender Bag

Make your travels easier with a Rise Weekender Carry Bag. This bag features our patented portable shelving system to keep your clothes folded and organized. Both come with shoulder straps for easy carrying.




USB Necktie Cooler 3

the “USB Necktie Cooler 3″ released by Thanko. It looks like a regular tie at first sight, however you can pull the knot down and a fan shows up. Once you connect the tie to your PC’s USB port with the accompanying USB cable, the fan starts running and cooling down your neck area.



Luminox Lightning Ii Mens Watch

Like the fifth-generation stealth fighter jets they are named for, the F-35 Lightning II Flight Calculation/Chronograph are amazing pieces of machinery. Each watch features a bidirectional rotating bezel with a black aluminum slide rule ring and a dial ring with tachymetric scale. When used in conjunction with the chronograph, the tachymeter indicates rates of speed-in kilometers, miles, or nautical miles per hour. The slide rule bezel can be used to calculate distances, flight times and fuel consumption. These watches are certain to become Essential Gear for those who need the ability to make quick calculations on the go-or vital aviation calculations when survival depends on it. Price: $685.00


Luminox 9388 Lightning Ii Mens Watch

Super Summer Ice Cream Maker

Start off your day with a delicious ice cream made straight away at home. With ease make the Ice cream within minutes and take the benefit of the chemical free flavor you would always love to have. An easy gadget for parents whose children really like to have Ice Creams.



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Solar Panel Bluetooth Keyboard

Solar Panel Bluetooth Keyboard has been designed for iPad, Android Tablet and Phone is a great and green way to get the most out of your tablet experience.

Transform your tablet or iPad into a laptop by simply connecting and pairing it with this keyboard. Make long journeys while using the tablet bearable by connecting the iPad in an angled position and using the keyboard you can write long documents and e-mails without having to touch the screen so you can save on time and create a more efficient way of using your tablet. Using powerful solar panels that are non crystalline silicon, this keyboard can recharge its own built-in battery when placed near a light source such as low light, lamp light, indoor light or sunlight. This useful feature helps you keep your keyboard’s battery to remain charged.



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Star Trek Original Series Spock Bust Bank

Saving is logical, but busts are fun! Satisfy your human and Vulcan halves with the Star Trek Original Series Spock Bust Bank! This 8-inch tall rendering of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s famous first officer has a coin slot in the back and an access door in the base so you can store your spare change, as well as your conflicting emotions.


Universal Monsters The Mummy Imhoteps Scarab Ring Prop Replica

An 18-karat gold-plated ring with an antique finish and genuine cut onyx stone, this Universal Monsters The Mummy Imhotep’s Scarab Ring Prop Replica is modeled after the same ring worn by Boris Karloff in the classic Universal Pictures movie The Mummy! Each Scarab Ring comes as a US Men’s size 13, and includes a solid polystone mummy display hand modeled on Karloff’s actual hand casting. A numbered limited edition of 500 pieces, the Universal Monsters The Mummy Imhotep’s Scarab Ring Prop Replica also includes a prop story booklet and certificate of authenticity.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Scuba Fin Chronograph Dive Watch

Brushed and polished stainless steel case and rubber bracelet. Blue tone dial. Precise Eco-Drive movement – charges in sunlight or indoors, never need to change the battery. Water Resistant to 200m. Chronograph and date displays. Hardened mineral crystal for superior scratch resistance. Case measures 48mm diameter by 14mm thick.

List Price: $399.00
Price: $299.25
You Save: $99.75 (25%)



Star Wars The Clone Wars Cad Bane Bust Bank

The hottest villain in the Star Wars universe is bounty hunter Cad Bane, and now the cold-hearted Star Wars: The Clone Wars character is the latest bank from Diamond Select! Measuring 8-inches tall, the vinyl Star Wars The Clone Wars Cad Bane Bust Bank features collectible-quality paint and sculpting, plus a coin slot for depositing your bounties! Add to your Clone Wars collection in an incredibly useful way with this Star Wars The Clone Wars Cad Bane Bust Bank!


Domo Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Domo is hungry! And thirsty! The famous Japanese monster craves food and beverages for his gaping maw, and now you can make the tastiest snacks of all… snacks shaped like Domo! Fill the tray, pop it in the freezer or fridge, and then pop out nine little Domos made out of chocolate, gelatin or ice for a cool treat or just a cool drink.


OCD Street Sweeper

The combination of horizontally and vertically rotating brushes ensures an optimal cleaning coverage at the curbstone in addition to under the sweeper itself. The best advancement however, is an extendable vacuum arm for detailed cleaning under park benches, between cars and other tight spaces.



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